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QuickLook Photo Gallery

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  • Version: 1.0
  • Date Added: September 7
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  • Category: Photos
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Turn an unorganized list of pictures on a website into an easy to navigate photo gallery. Inspired by the QuickLook functionality built into Mac OS X, this plugin automatically displays all large inline and linked images. Includes true full-screen support.

Viewing pictures and photos on many websites can be a hassle. Some websites display dozens of full-size images on a single page which never seem to fit quite right on your screen. Other websites have dozens of thumbnails that must be clicked one at a time. And some websites include photo viewers that are slow or awkward to use.

QuickLook Photo Gallery is a Safari plugin that attempts to solve these problems. When activated, it scans the page looking for large images and displays them in a simple, easy-to-use photo viewer. This photo viewer implements slideshows, can be controlled by the keyboard or mouse and brings true full-screen support (in Safari 5.1 and newer) to pictures. And intelligent resizing of images allows you to see the image at the ideal size for your browser window or monitor.

Best of all, the consistent interface allows you to view photos on a variety of sites without wondering what will happen when you click a thumbnail.


  • September 7 Extension uploaded.


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