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LightsFlare Video Extension

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  • Downloads: 602
  • Version: 1.0
  • Date Added: October 19
  • Website: Visit
  • Last Updated: February 10
  • Category: Entertainment
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LightsFlare Video Extension is again a CTF Addod, sso ClickToFlash tries to replace the Video from Flash to HTML5 if possible and Lightsflare Video replaces the default HTML5 Video Player with this one and brings some usefull Features with it,the main visual Feature is the Ambilight Effect, this is no real Ambilight but it simulates one, i am trying to get this working with reak Ambilight, once i have done it will be updated to you via Extension Update, This Extension does also work at the Moment with Vimeo, YouTube HTML5 Beta Active, Veoh and nearly all other Pages, but if you find any Page where it doessn’t work feel free to mail me so i can care about it, it also has YouTube Playlist Support, it starts Playback automatucally and switches to next Video once the current finished, and it also adds some Keyboard Features which were missing on HTML5 Player…

HINT: Enable the HTML5 Beta Programm on YouTube to improve Player Speed so YouTube knows directly what you want to do , it also has now a HD Toggle on YouTube, it is always present so you need to try it out, either the Video will be in JD or it will continue in SD, it also adds a real Disable Toggle, so you can turn Lensflare Video On or Off directly from the Toolbar, the Page reloads automatically without the Replacement and you can kepp it rurned off or turn it back on whenever you want without opening the Settings


  • October 19 Extension uploaded.
  • February 10 Extension details changed.


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