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Google Instant Shortcut Keys

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  • Size: 0kb
  • Downloads: 724
  • Version: 1.0
  • Date Added: October 19
  • Website: Visit
  • Last Updated: February 10
  • Category: Search Tools
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Google Instant Shortcut Keys is an extension for Safari that has two purposes:
Access Google Instant by keyboard shortcut (⌘J). Use extension settings to set default behavior to either current or new tab. Adding shift to the combo (⇧⌘J) elicits the opposite behavior.
Access search results with keyboard shortcuts. Every search result on Google Instant is assigned a keyboard shortcut. For instance, to go to the first result use: ⌃1 (ctrl-1).


  • October 19 Extension uploaded.
  • February 10 Extension details changed.


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