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Beautify Facebook for Safari (unofficial port's Icon

Beautify Facebook for Safari (unofficial port

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  • Size: 0kb
  • Downloads: 1828
  • Version: 1.0
  • Date Added: October 19
  • Website: Visit
  • Last Updated: February 17
  • Category: Site Enhancement
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 An unofficial port of Christian Romeni’s Chrome plugin. Contains code and images by Christian Romeni. Some code has been modified. For example, I removed the excess white space that was between the page content and blue header bar, I made the header bar semi-transparent, and I removed the border around the content (because it didn’t line up right, even in Chrome).==========Known bugs:Emoticon bar doesn’t work. It used to, then it stopped. No clue why.The Connections box is not blocked, even though it should be. I may update the plugin later to fix this.I’m not sure if my automatic updates are set up correctly.There are currently no settings.There is some excess whitespace at the top of the Online Friends window. This also appears in the Chrome version.Background images are not supported (or anything else requiring preferences). ==========Christian Romeni said he is trying to get an official Safari port finished, but wants to work on things like getting settings working first. This plugin will be discontinued if (when) he finishes.


  • October 19 Extension uploaded.
  • February 17 Extension details changed.


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